jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

Is time to say goodbye

Being at home, well-sheltered, racking my brains and hastily reflecting about the time i've being living abroad, i noticed that i should plump for to make the most of all that i have learnt, gramatically speaking. What i thought was "hey girl, you have being living in Edinburgh for six months, so maybe is time to upload something written in english for your blog, for old time's sake". A low voice was muttering in my head and i fancied that it was time to make myself to do something more productive.

And so here i am...

I'm due to leave Edinburgh in less than a month. The experience was such a perfect mix of funny adventures as a tedious and unforeseen ones..and now, facing the future with no path to follow, i'll go back to the starting-point and grab the life i left there. I really want to do it and, believe me, i can't wait for it. The fleeting feeling which i might possibly have imagined myself with  people i love really drives me crazy.

My experience of Edinburgh was no so bad, what i'm saying is that it´s a handy city to stay and enjoy if you have the time. This is the important fact, free time... and just the fucking thing i haven't had the whole time i've spent here. Folks, how different is living abroad when you do it because studies than when you do it for to work!!! Indeed, what i mean is that it´s not my perfect idea of living, staying in a place where it is always raining even when the sun is shining. Spring time hasn't arrived yet even though the calendar says it is 7th June!! So the only thing i could and i did do for it was to go to Portobello beach and breath in deeply the salty breeze.  I really need the sun's rays and its energy to feel alive, and actually the way everybody in Edinburgh acts depends on the rain and wind, which imposes ruthless limits day by day. How could you make plans in a city where even the weather man doesn't know how windy, sunny, hot or cold is is going be tomorrow? It is tough living against everything!! I'll explain myself, when i say everything i mean everthing...  I knew well enough it wasn't going to be easy. My only thoughts are in kicking, first of all my boss's ass, and second, all that bad taste jokes Edinburgh weather has..

Never mind, i know i'm a good complainer so let me say that i'm able to appreciate all the charms Edinburgh has. Coz for sure it has!

                                                                                         Old Town, Edinburgh

Viewed in the aspect of doing some tourism around Scotland's main city there is no doubt Edinburgh (known as Old Smokie) is a good choice. The town is very beautiful, you can feel its history walking down its streets, imagining how someone is appearing within the grilles of the windows riding a broom over you...everything here seems like if it was rescued from the ashes centurys ago.

                                                                   "The Old Smokie", Edinburgh
                                                    Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

                                                       Blue sky down Montgomery St, Edinburgh

The Old Town in Edinbugh preserves the medieval strucuture and this is what i like the most. From the Castle as main artery of that area, to the Holyrood Palace just under Arthur's Seat (the highest hill in the city with marvelous views of the whole city), closes and subterranean streets give to Old Town the classy and mysterious air of enchantment. Colours are also important in such a grey city, actually the clash of green on the scenery creates the perfect contrasts with the thousand year old building's stones... Besides, when is snowing and the fumes are going away from the fireplaces to the cloudy and dense sky is the prettiest witches tale i`ve ever featured.

                                                              London Rd, Edinburgh

The Celtics roots Scotland has, and as well people who live here, remind me quite a lot my hometown in Galicia. Not because the bigpipes are whistling here and there... Is just because almost everything, landscapes, flowers, pines...Edinburgh is close to the sea also and it is something you can feel in each breath you have...The pure, bright and genuine colours for sure remind me also the place which i come from, and just right the smell between rain on the pavement and rain on the land...Damp in my nose is as familiar as being at home with some "cocido" and fresh cake on the table. Although there are lots of seagulls soaring along the sky drive me 3.000 kilometres away, I really hate that sort of memory turned into a carrion bird.

So here we go Edinburgh...Being honest a shudder is running from the top of my head til the tip of my toe..coz, despite i'm keen on coming back, i met good people whose, doubtless, i've take a fancy to. So, i suppose, i have to abide by it and take confort knowing someday we'll meet again.

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  1. Wow Marina, this is really good ! I am amazed by your English, but I want to know, do you speak now with a scot-spanish accent ?! Enjoy going back to Spain and seeing all your friends and family, and enjoy the sun ! I will write a longer message soon,
    Bisous ensoleillés.....

  2. Kateriña!!! Many thanks for your comment, as you see i've improved since we met last time, e!!

    anyway, as always i'm much better understanding and writting than expresing myself...

    hope to read you soon!!!

  3. ah! my accent doesn't changa my friend..galician one!!