viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

will tell you in English...

Friday rainy Friday
long time no see rain falling through the clouded glass of my white and wore out room

Reminds me of the north 

Think of the sea, far, strong waves beating against the rocks
Childhood memories come and go
Staring at the horizon grasping her green teddy between arms
Butterflies skipping through the meadow  
White daisies. Falling petals...

No rain, i mean no rain but it does...

Travel north, wet villages, smiling towns
skinny dogs and blind love

Just Katrina said
- What the hell are we doing here?
-We have already done Miss!

Narrow paths with wide future
And everything came ang went again and again... 

Adventures can not always be told
nights of shelter beside the twelve men road
smell of leather, smell of cow shit

You know you always do right, 

Just bear it out!!


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